Auto Air Conditioning

Efficient air conditioning beats your rolled down window any day

Don't chance your afternoon commute in the stifling heat with just your windows rolled down. Prock Automotive will inspect your air conditioning and make sure it's providing the cool blast you need for optimal comfort.

Improve your car's fuel efficiency

You won't need to fill up your gas tank as often with a more efficient air conditioner. The air conditioning experts of Prock Automotive will examine and adjust your AC in an attempt to save you between 5% and 25% on fuel efficiency.

Full AC/heater check to make your drive more comfortable

Whether you need a recharge, a part repaired or your entire system replaced, we'll make sure your air conditioner and heater are working as they should before you drive off the lot.

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Radiator
  • Fan
  • Hoses
Auto Repairing

For quality air conditioning and heating repair, call now or visit us at 3334 34th Street.


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